Consistent evolution in technology, speedy time-to-market, mounting customer expectations made testing more critical than ever. Companies are pressurised for quicker release, accelerate and automate the testing processes.

With the in depth expertize in testing practices, Embytes has developed Test Accelerator which would bring down the time to test, cost involved in testing and improve quality of testing. By reducing the maintenance efforts, Embytes Test Accelerator helps in frequent releases without conceding on quality of the application.

How would it help in business terms?

Automation in early stages - Test automation will be initiated in parallel with manual test case development based on the test requirements.

Reusable business components - Higher reusability in turn reduces the effort during maintenance.

Reduce time to market and increase ROI - With automation in early stage and reduced maintenance efforts, time to market is reduced. With the usage of Embytes Test Accelerator and ROI increases by 50-60%.

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